COVID-19 Update #25; 14 October 2022

COVID-19 self-isolation rules have changed From 14 October 2022 you don’t need to self-isolate if you test positive to COVID-19, but it is recommended you stay home and take steps to protect others. If you test positive on a rapid antigen test (RAT) please register this with Service NSW. Voluntarily registering your result can help you accessContinue reading “COVID-19 Update #25; 14 October 2022”

COVID-19 Update #22; 7 January 2022

To accord with current NSW Health Department guidelines, if you have been exposed to COVID (for example, if someone in your household or workplace has tested positive), you have to self-isolate for seven days. If you have been exposed, please do not attend an appointment until after this isolation period. You can cancel or rescheduleContinue reading “COVID-19 Update #22; 7 January 2022”

COVID-19 Update #20; 16 December 2021

As of 15 December 2021, the NSW Government rules and restrictions have changed. In line with these changes, it is no longer mandatory to use QR code checkin when you attend my practice. It also no longer mandatory to wear a mask in most situations, though they are still strongly encouraged by NSW Health. However,Continue reading “COVID-19 Update #20; 16 December 2021”

COVID-19 Update #19; 17 October 2021

As I understand it, there is no requirement to be fully vaccinated to attend a medical appointment. Therefore, while compliance with Public Health Orders is your responsibility, I will not require proof of double vaccination to attend an appointment at my practice. QR code checkin, wearing a mask and hand sanitizing continue to be conditionsContinue reading “COVID-19 Update #19; 17 October 2021”

COVID-19 Update #18; 21 September 2021

A seven day lockdown comes into effect for the Byron Shire from 5.00 pm today, 21/9. Under the description of ‘Authorised Workers‘, Registered Health Care Professionals in NSW are able to continue to treat patients requiring essential care. The definition of ‘essential care’ is not entirely clear, but AACMA suggests as a guide “if in theContinue reading “COVID-19 Update #18; 21 September 2021”

COVID-19 Update #17; 16 August 2021

As you would know, the entire state of NSW went into lockdown yesterday at 5pm.  You can find more information on this here. It is my understanding that under the description of Authorised Workers, registered health care professionals in NSW are able to continue to treat patients requiring essential care. The definition of essential care is hardContinue reading “COVID-19 Update #17; 16 August 2021”

COVID-19 Update #16; 9 August 2021

NSW Health has today announced new restrictions for four LGA’s in Northern NSW, including the Byron Shire, coming into effect from 6:00 pm today, Monday 9 August. In compliance with this stay-at-home order, my practice will be closed until Tuesday, 17 August. I will, of course, keep abreast of developments and any further conditions introducedContinue reading “COVID-19 Update #16; 9 August 2021”